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The second workshop in Cornellà


Taller Comunica a CornellàThe second workshop in Institut Maria Aurelia Capmany in Hospitalet was in full swing when I arrived.

The previous week, the group had experienced one of the many things that could go wrong in a classroom: the technology letting you down. This week, however, they were ready for anything.

The video was ready to play….we all held our breath…and it didn’t work. The group leapt into action and smoothly explained the main idea of the video without missing a beat, and the students kept smiling, stayed attentive and remained engaged. The atmosphere was lovely.

Students volunteered to take part in some of the many well-planned and insightful activities the group had planned, and one girl who had seemed shy the week before was now up in front of her peers, demonstrating the importance of enunciation with a pen in her mouth, while her classmates smiled and laughed in appreciation. Bravo!

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